We had a wonderful start to the school year.  The students are well into their routines.  It is truly inspiring to visit the schools and observe the joyful learning taking place in our classrooms.  
So much is happening with curriculum.   The teachers are continuing their professional development on implementing Common Core English Language Arts and Mathematics that also includes support to our English Learners.   Additionally, we are working on the District Science Plan that will reflect the State adopted Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).   
The planned upgrades to our connectivity were completed over the summer thanks to leveraging funds:  Parcel tax and District funds (capital outlay/lease payments).   Additionally, PEF was able to secure additional technology infrastructure that equates to approximately $300,000 to enhance our summer project.   We are confident this upgrade will ensure our network will be able to support the new State annual assessment, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC). 
We have three Board of Trustees seats up for the November election.  We have four candidates running for these seats; Elizabeth Bredall, Richard Faust (incumbent), Kathy Shiokari, and LaVerne Villalobos.  Current Trustees Joan Weideman and Eric Ruchames have chosen not to run for re-election.  We are extremely grateful for their leadership and guidance.  Election Day is Tuesday, November 4, 2014.
On another note, as shared in the Communique for Negotiations #5  we have reached a level of impasse in relation to the negotiations process with LSEA, the teacher labor group. When negotiating teams are unable to come to agreement on their own, impasse is a process that allows for the appointment of a third-party mediator by the State.  This person works with both parties to facilitate discussion and a decision making process with the goal of reaching an agreement.  As the negotiations process moves forward, additional communiqués and updates to the Frequently Asked Questions will be provided.  
Everyone has been working tirelessly.  It is with sincere appreciation that I thank all Pacifica School District employees for their hard work and effort to provide a strong educational program in a highly conducive safe learning environment for our students.   

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